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Aims & Objectives of Society

  • Academic support to the poor, Intelligent Students of Rural and urban areas that are Studying higher Education.
  • To work for holistic rural development through Training, Education, Extension, Consultancy, Research and Development.
  • To promote young talents in the concerned area of their Interests
  • To encourage self-employment striving to create a strong base for the emergence of rural entrepreneurship.
  • To Conduct Faculty development programmes for faculty.
  • To Conduct Workshops and Seminars for both faculty and Students to enhance their knowledge.
  • To develop and maintain a research and documentation center for studies and Placements.
  • To develop an up-to date audiovisual center for providing the necessary software and audio visual aids for its educational training and extension work.
  • Creation of awareness of physical, social, technological, economic and cultural environment.
  • To create new skills among urban and rural youth.
  • To ensure a higher average level of relevant basic skills and education through work and services.
  • Establishment of Educational Institutions and Seva ashrams.
  • To inspire and equip the youth with all necessary skills and encourage them to set up their own micro enterprises in rural areas.
  • To provide opportunity to the youth for participation in rural community development works through developmental schemes.
  • To work for integrated socio-economic development of the Tribal, scheduled caste, rural poor, slum-dwellers, and people in need.
  • To establish Working Women’s Hostels for women and for students in need.
  • To arrange for regular health camps/ eye camps for health / eye care of the people in need.
  • To work for creation of self-employment opportunities by arranging various vocational training programmes in coordination with state, international & national authorities/organisations.
  • To conduct literacy programmes, adult education programmes for complete eradication of illiteracy from the society.
  • To work for preservation of nature, water resources, and environment protection.
  • To work for development of living standards of students, especially SC/ST/OBC/Minority.

     People of the society

  • To build-up character and to work for development of morality, friendship, sense of responsibility, qualities of leadership, discipline, standard of citizenship, political consciousness, self respect, patriotism and respect for the nation among the people.
  • To develop the habit of thrift & savings, promote self-help groups both among the men/women; provide micro-credit support, marketing support as well as training support.
  • Establishment of training cum production centres for training and creation of employment opportunities.
  • Work towards Research and Development for social development.
  • Establishment of research / Incubation centers.
  • To initiate active involvement of youth in national reconstruction
  • To channelize the energies of youth in community services
  • To felicitate the members for their extraordinary efforts in their respective fields
  • To promote various activities/programs at regular intervals for members like Cultural Nights, Community services, Sports, Social Gatherings, Debates, Workshops, Field Visits
  • To establish libraries, hostels, boarding house free or otherwise to facilitate the promotion of the student community.